Anil Polat: foXoMad: "You can cut down on the amount of money you spend on meals by booking a hostel that includes breakfast in the price. Many hostels only offer toast, but if you read the online reviews, you'll find many have more elaborate buffets that can keep you full until close to dinnertime. You may be tempted to save a few dollars for a hostel without a meal but almost always what you get in the dorms is much cheaper than anything you can find by eating out. A good hostel breakfast will also reduce how much you end up spending on groceries. If you have any doubts as to what the hostel offers for breakfast (and some have dinner as well) give them a call or send an email before booking."

Tim Leffel: Perceptive Travel: "At about $5 for a pint and $8 for a single Tube ride, that London pub crawl is going to cost you. But London does have a better choice of hotels in all ranges than most other European capitals, and most of its fantastic museums are always free."

"To find an affordable meal, eat at noodle stalls for under $10, or explore the unique Japanese culinary stop: the department store basement. Seibu Department Store in the Ikebukuro area is a destination in itself, with two giant underground floors of food stalls extending several city blocks. The prim uniformed greeters bow as you enter."

Heather Cowper: Heather on her travels: "Have to say that it's some years since I was a student & my kids are still at school so having to rack my brain a little here, but happy if you want to use the following tip;

For students who love to travel and also want to improve their language skills, why not plan a week at a local language school at the start of a longer trip and stay with a local family arranged by the language school? This works especially well in places like South America where it needn't cost the earth and you will have plenty of fellow students around you to link up with for a ready-made social life.

If the budget won't stretch to this, then you can immerse yourself in local culture and language by staying with locals through travel networking sites like Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club. By meeting locals this way you'll have a more authentic experience and have a chance to practice your language skills."

Chris Christensen: Amateur Traveler: "The best way to save money on a vacation is to go when others are not going. Every destination has a high season and a low season. Europe's high season starts in mid-June when schools get out and more people are traveling and runs through August."

Go Backpacking: "Countries such as England, Egypt and Australia are perennial favorites among international travelers for good reason, however chances are you already know what to expect, from the food to the attractions. Instead of following decades-old tourism trends, try striking out on your own to a lesser known region.

"The Balkans in Eastern Europe, and Colombia in South America are two geographically beautiful, culturally rich options. In both instances, the security situations have improved enough in recent years to encourage visitors, yet tourists have yet to catch up with this present-day reality. And the nation of Rwanda is undergoing a renaissance of development as the politics and people progress beyond the 1994 genocide. It is now one of the safest, cleanest countries in Eastern Africa.

"When choosing your next travel destination, challenge yourself to take one large step outside your comfort zone. New worlds are waiting to be discovered"

Sue Rodman: Field Trips with Sue : "If you're looking for a visit to Atlanta that is a little off the beaten path, head to Oakland Cemetery and learn a bit about Atlanta's rich history. Oakland is a garden cemetery meant for the living, as well as the departed. Weekly historic walking tours tell about Atlanta's past through tales of the cemetery's "residents". Tour topics cover the Civil War, civil rights, Atlanta's Jewish Community and more. When you're done, head across the street to Six Feet Under for a great meal.

"Atlanta has some wonderful theatre companies. If you're thinking more on the quirky side and you're here the last Saturday of the month, head down Ponce de Leon Ave. toward East Atlanta and the historic (and supposedly haunted) Plaza Theatre for the Silver Scream Spook show. It's a campy live variety show that includes a burlesque followed by a vintage horror film. When you're done, head back toward the city and stop by Krispy Kreme to watch them make the delicious glazed treats. There's nothing like a Krispy Kreme hot off the conveyor belt. "


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