Lara Dunston: Grantourismo: "Avoid the backpacker parties and group nights out in the tourist zones and instead hang out with the locals. Buy local magazines like Time Out or check out similar entertainment websites to see what's hot and happening. Happy hours are great places to meet locals while saving money."

"Pack as little as possible. You will buy things along the way. Clothes make great, practical souvenirs. I love wearing a t-shirt that reminds me of a place I loved. When you're packing, do it in stages as if you're writing drafts of an essay. First stage/draft should be all the things you love - pack your favorite gear, things that you love to wear - then edit them down. Spread everything you packed out on a bed or the floor and put them into categories - casual wear, adventure/hiking gear, dressy stuff, etc - and make sure you have just 1-2 things (depending on how long you're travelling for and how you're travelling) for each category. Have your Mum or a very practical friend help you 'edit'!"

Eric Tiettmeyer : Student Traveler: "Start with picking where to go by checking out our weekly e-newsletters that have a different country each week and travel itinerary from a respected tour company geared for young people. Then look for cheap student airfare from either and/or Finally, find a quality backpack that's right for you. And you are ready to go! Yes, it's that easy! You can plan your trip while on the road or use a plethora of web sites including Student Traveler for finding hostels, attractions and/or places to eat and party while you are traveling!"

Go4less: "For students who want to travel to the US for the summer then the best option is the popular J1 Visa opening in October. This is a great opportunity to discover America while also earning money.

"We also offer USA Internships and the 12 Month USA program to students and recent graduates. No degree, but have 5 years work experience, and then check out our US Career Training Visas.

"Or why not try Canada or Australia; with our Canada program you get a 12 Month visa plus a Guaranteed Job."

Student Beans : "If you're travelling around Europe, an InterRail pass is essential, otherwise budget airlines or even asking for parent's air miles are a good idea. It's always good to carry cash cards rather than cash for security as they'll be insured and your parents can always top them up in emergencies. Keep your passport on you if you're travelling outside of Europe - it's useful for security but it also acts as proof of age if you want to drink alcohol in certain countries. Remember that you have to be over 21 in the US!

You can check online to see what student benefits and privileges are available for students too - cheaper travel and student nights are common everywhere, not just the UK. In terms of working abroad for your gap year, you'll need to check visa conditions with the relevant consulate in the UK as many rulings have become restricted in recent years as the number of applications rise. Finally, we'd advise planning your nights out (and budget) in advance as there's nothing worse than running out of funds during your final days of freedom!"


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