Travelling. It can be cheap as long as you have time. International flights can cost a lot of money, but excellent planning can mean that you can get the best value flights very cheaply.

Try not to go to the furthest country away from you first, instead make your way around the world starting with the closest place of destination . Booking in advance will allow you to get a cheaper flight in general; whilst shopping online can mean that you can compare the prices and discover what the best deal on offer is. If you are open to travel during the week, then it can save you even more money, or spending Saturday night on your travel may work out cheaper for you. Avoid your travels around peak season; it is always going to work out very expensive. Save that for the commuters fighting for the last spot on the flight, as you relax on a beach somewhere. Also attempt to avoid travelling to the most remote places in the world, the costs are simply going to be through the roof, neither fun nor clever for you poor travelers.

There are so many tips and tricks to bear in mind when travelling around the world, a lot which needs to be taken into consideration. Price comparison sites may be all well and good; however some very cheap airlines may not be listed on the sites, so a little shopping may be worth your while. You may also want to keep an eye out for the student discounts offered by some airlines, the cheaper the better, being a student can sometimes come in handy. American Airlines can offer up to 10% discount for many students, who also offer a number of last minute travel deals to college students.

Student Traveler motivates young people to see the world. Check out their web site for all the essentials you need to plan, book, and travel abroad - whether it's for a week or three years!

Eric Tiettmeyer, of Student Traveler explains that they have what students need for a stress-free adventure: "Start with picking where to go by checking out our weekly e-newsletters that have a different country each week and travel itinerary from a respected tour company geared for young people. Then look for cheap student airfare from either and/or Finally, find a quality backpack that's right for you. And you are ready to go! Yes, it's that easy! You can plan your trip while on the road or use a plethora of web sites including Student Traveler for finding hostels, attractions and/or places to eat and party while you are traveling!"

"Or why not try Canada or Australia; with our Canada program you get a 12 Month visa plus a Guaranteed Job."

World travel can generally be cheap and easy, if constructed properly. The tourism industry can make a lot of money out of your expeditions, but how about being in charge of your own travels and your own credit card? When you finally open up and embrace traveling on your own, you will feel free within yourself (think a young child running in a huge field on your own, which is the aim). When you hit the big wide world all alone and expect the minimal, then you will not be disappointed when you end up in mediocre accommodation, or sleeping under the stars on a campsite. A great tip would be to leave your valuables at home, that way you have no need to pay for electricity for your hairdryer or laptop. The aim is to develop a trust in people. Once you achieve a mutual trust then you will gain a lot more. People like to help those who deserve it, wandering around expecting the world to owe you a favor would achieve nothing. Check out Couch Surfing or WWOOF, sites aimed at travelers who require accommodation from locals who kindly offer their homes to those who are exploring the world. They may be free, however you may also be expected to help out in return, who can blame them, for a free room you are likely to oblige. Even better, if you have a specific skill which may come in use, then use it. You could well be a top craftsman, very handy all over the world. The biggest thing you are going to have to learn is to allow yourself to be spontaneous and go with the flow, so to speak. In general, you do not need to win the lottery to travel to world, simply pack your bags and your passport, and set off on the road for the greatest and cheapest traveling you could possibly do.


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