Heather Cowper, writer of Heather on her Travels knows a thing or two about traveling. Her inspirational blog entwines information needed for the eager traveler along with tips and suggestions about making the most of your travels, whether it is for a vacation or a little longer. She offered us a little expert advice to those students looking to leave the nest for their travels:

"Have to say that it's some years since I was a student & my kids are still at school so having to rack my brain a little here, but happy if you want to use the following tip;

"For students who love to travel and also want to improve their language skills, why not plan a week at a local language school at the start of a longer trip and stay with a local family arranged by the language school. This works especially well in places like South America where it needn't cost the earth and you will have plenty of fellow students around you to link up with for a readymade social life.

"If the budget won't stretch to this, then you can immerse yourself in local culture and language by staying with locals through travel networking sites like Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club. By meeting locals this way you'll have a more authentic experience and have a chance to practice your language skills."

"By meeting locals this way you'll have a more authentic experience and have a chance to practice your language skills."

You can find destination articles, travel photos, videos and podcasts from Heather Cowper at Heather on her Travels.

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