Best of Vegas: "Every year hundreds of college students flock to Sin City to get a piece of the action. From the hottest nightclubs to stellar shows and luxurious restaurants, Vegas is the place where college students come to play. And now with our insider's guide to the Strip you can play like you never have before!"

  • Nightclubs:

    Enjoy a night Vegas-style with the Tao Las Vegas Pass. This special pass grants you admission to two of Las Vegas' hottest nightclubs, Tao and Lavo on the same night! Tao mixes Asian influences with a 42,000 square foot venue for a surprising laid back lounge feel, while Lavo, only 4,500 square feet allows you to experience a more intimate Las Vegas.
  • Shows:

    The future of comedy begins at LA Comedy Club at the Four Queens Hotel and Casino where you'll enjoy a few laughs from the hottest up and coming comedians. Or marvel at the dynamic works of a Cirque du Soleil performance in Ka at MGM Grand.
  • Hotels:

    While sleep might be the last thing on your mind, we recommend a few places to check-in between nightclubs: Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood. Can you say location, location, location? Both Caesars Palace and Planet Hollywood are located right in the heart of the Strip, and each one provides its own entertainment (i.e. plenty of gambling) you won't want to miss.

Healthy Travel Blog: For many students, travel is the best part of college or graduate school and living in a different country can have a profound impact on your outlook and your plans. Here are five tips to make your excursions safe.

  • 1.Know how to find a doctor and a good hospital in your destination. Find out the names of hospitals that provide quality care. Learn the emergency numbers for your destination and know that in some places you should not rely on these emergency numbers - you may be better off taking a taxi to a hospital rather than waiting for an ambulance.
  • 2. Learn about the health and security risks in your destination and get the appropriate vaccinations you need. Can you drink the tap water? Is street crime a problem? Are there insect-borne diseases to avoid?
  • 3. If you plan to drink, do so moderately. Avoid injuries related to drunkenness and the associated condition of an altered mental state. Stay with your friends and look out for each other.
  • 4. If you plan to have sex, practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted viruses and bacteria do not respect national borders; use condoms.
  • 5. Prepare for the psychological effects of living abroad. Minimize culture shock by studying your host country's language, culture, and history, and by retaining a sense of humor and positive outlook. Keep in touch with friends and family at home and exercise to improve your mood. If you experience deep and persistent adjustment difficulties or strong emotions such as sadness, hopelessness, or worry, or you observe the same in a fellow student, seek the advice of your parents, and/or a mental health professional, primary care physician, or guidance counselor at your school.

Michelle Slade: Moneyfacts: Most students that opt to go travelling are on a limited budget. By investing a small amount of time and effort into sorting your finances before you head off, you could find ways to make your money go that little bit further.

  • Change money before you go

    That way you have more control over the exchange rate. Airports, shops and hotels have unfavorable rates.
  • Consider pre-paid cards

    Unlike debit cards you can't go overdrawn and is easily replaceable if lost or stolen.
  • Credit cards

    If you plan to use a credit card opt for one that makes no foreign usage charge. With many cards charging up to 2.99% of each transaction when used overseas, you could see bills mounting up.
  • Advise your bank you're going away

    regular transaction on your cards overseas may be seen as suspected fraud and you could find your cards are stopped.

Employment4Students: "Bored of completing endless application forms? Depressed about your job prospects? Sick of being rejected? Sack it, and buy a plane ticket instead - it could actually help you land your dream job!

"Reports of 70 candidates chasing every graduate job are enough to depress even the most optimistic student, so no one's going to blame you for seeking out some fun in the sun to escape from it all. The good news though, is that adding some travel experiences to your CV can actually help you stand out from the crowd when it comes to applying for jobs.

"Employers are being bombarded with applications so they are looking for candidates with more than just good qualifications - they want people who can demonstrate practical skills gained through work and life experiences, as well as academic achievements. Bumming around on a beach for 2 weeks boozing won't add any value, but experiencing other cultures, volunteering on structured projects, and learning new skills or languages can all help your CV grab an employer's attention.

"Any travel experiences that can be used to demonstrate initiative, adaptability, great team work, effective communication, and organisation are an investment for future job applications and interviews. So don't be afraid to go out, explore the world, and test yourself in new situations and environments."

Samuel Daams: Travellerspoint: "Having studied and worked abroad as a part of my own degree, I am annoyed with myself that I didn't document those trips better than I did! Sure I have photos and great memories, but I never took the time to write down things that happened, details from day-to-day that fade away. Some of my fellow students have since transferred their hand written diaries to blogs and diaries online, and it's fantastic to be able to read through those and remember things that I'd already forgotten, but my own perspective it will never be.

"So my tip; document your travels! There are plenty of great free travel blogging/diary sites available. Most offer a ton of features, like maps, photos and videos as well as the option to make them private and print them out or download them when you return home. You won't regret you took the time to do so!"


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