Lillian Marshall, writer of Around the world with "L" has written a number of travel articles, all combined with her own experiences offer students and other travelers an inside knowledge into where to go, when and just how much it will cost you. As a previous traveler she advises students: "Think carefully about whether you want to take an entire YEAR off to travel. Remember that as a college student, you have nearly 3 full months of summer vacation, and for me, that was the perfect amount of time for my first half-dozen voyages.

"A major concern I have about young people without full-time work experience traveling is MONEY - specifically the capacity to have enough self-created savings. Trust me: it is a whole lot more satisfying to travel knowing you earned all your funds your own self, and that is hard to accomplish for a full year's voyage unless you have been working full time for several years, which most people under 21 have not."

"it is a whole lot more satisfying to travel knowing you earned all your funds your own self"

One of the biggest things to remember is that it can be done. It may not be easy, but where is the fun in that? Keeping at it and keeping motivated is half of the battle, while doing so will give you a great sense of achievement. If this is the biggest decision you have made to date, then your aim is to make it the best decision you could possibly make. Many return from their travels with a world of knowledge outside the little bubble they call home. They make friends all over the world, and more importantly learn to live without the comfort of Mom and Dad doing everything for them. Sounds like a win-win situation.

Before actually setting off on your travels, you may want to plan just where you are going and be flexible. Saving money may mean having to stay in certain places a lot longer than anticipated, so create your plan loosely with a rough time-frame.

Erica Johansson is a freelance writer and blogger based in Sweden. Her site Travel blissful, which is dedicated to thoughts, stories, tips, photos, videos, news, reviews and interviews, brings you travel related content from around the globe; she shares with us the basics into budgeting for your travels: "The first thing that comes to mind is making a budget before you travel. When you have a daily or weekly set amount for accommodation, food, transport, sightseeing and entertainment, everything will go that much smoother, plus there's no need to worry about running out of money before your trip ends".


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