Helping others purely to put a smile on their faces is one of the greatest achievements and feelings in the world. Who can deny that to see a smile on a child's face through the work you have done is a great sense of accomplishment? There are plenty of needs all over the world and they all require influential and hard working students to help with their courses.

Giving up your time and services is a very rewarding process for not only those who have received the help, but also those who give up their time for others. Simply travelling alone is fun, however those that benefit from the travels consist of yourself, whereas volunteering can help hundreds of people. Not only will you be learning the necessary skills for yourself, but many other walks of life can gain from your hard work. Not only people, but animals need our help on a daily basis all over the world, which is also very rewarding.

There are various types of volunteering for you to take part in, dependent upon which cause you feel is more worthy to you:

Skills-based volunteering:

This involves a person using their skills of a specific area helping out for a worthy cause. Training is generally required unlike many volunteering projects, whereby simple hard work is needed.

Social Capital:

This type of volunteering is aimed at those who live in poor economic climates. Many places all over the world suffer from poor communities with few who can actually help them. Mutual aid and self-help is little-to-none and so the help is relied upon for those who have the time and money to help them.

Environmental volunteering:

Helping out for environmental needs, involves looking after habitats and other's natural environments.

Volunteering in schools:

Schools around the world require a great deal of help, particularly within third world countries. If their economy is hit, the schools are generally the first to suffer. If you have a special skill or trade, then it can help out a great deal. If you have a particular skill or specialism, then you can use it while helping out at schools. The benefits are a lot more than money; they are priceless. The school itself saves money, with the added benefit of a strong relationship formed among the community and the schools. The volunteers themselves become part of the learning process, helping others achieve something which could have easily been lost forever, as well as discovering talents they didn't know had existed. The students will not only learn the core curriculum but also discover positive role models other than those seen on the television.

Community volunteering:

Helping out just one person can be all well and good, but what about helping out a whole community - imagine how much you can achieve from that? Neighborhoods, churches and community groups are all key to building strong communities.

If volunteering is something you will find beneficial, then BUNAC can be of use for you, allowing you to travel the work and volunteer your skills at the same time. Volunteer projects include the chance to visit Cambodia and spend up to 12 weeks volunteering. This chance allows you to experience Cambodia firsthand, without the pictures. You will also learn a great deal of skills to add to your resum´┐Ż. With picturesque beaches, isolated islands and river-side villages offering you a welcome hand you will gain as much as you put in. In order to volunteer in Cambodia you will need to be 18 years old, a US citizen and a hard-working, enthusiastic person with a great deal of drive and determination. To take part in the volunteering scheme, up to twelve weeks will cost $1750. Sounds a lot, but breaking the costs up, along with the experiences and memories you will take home with you, the cost is irrelevant. You will receive a three day orientation, guest house accommodation, transfers, guide books, one month visa fees; three months travel insurance, BUNAC support and placement at your volunteer project. You are advised to keep $100 per week for funds as well.

You can also volunteer in Peru on a community development health care or educational project. This placement lasts between four and 12 weeks and offers a great deal of sights to be amazed at. In order to visit Peru and volunteer, you must be between 18 and 35, a recent graduate or student and have conversational skills in Spanish. The accommodation itself is normally home stay, whereby you will stay with a local family. You may get your own room, or be required to stay with another volunteer, but never fear you will be provided with two meals per day for six days. The chance to go to Peru will cost a minimum of $1460.

Lastly BUNAC offers the chance to volunteer in South Africa between five to 17 weeks on a project near Cape Town. You can expect to work five days a week, between 30 and 40 hours with one week's welcome orientation. The accommodation and meals are included with the volunteering placement, which you will cover in the program costs. You will either stay in accommodation provided by the employer or within a home stay. This experience is a once in a lifetime opportunity, although you may need to save up the pocket money, costing at least $2030.


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