If you choose to travel to the colder climate then Frontiers North is the site for you. Catering to those who brave the cold weathers all in the name of travel, they offer helpful information and tips to their readers. Laura Labelle, the Adventure Planner for Frontiers North added a few extra items to pack if you are heading to the colder climates:

Warm, hooded parka

Nylon wind pants

Long underwear

Fleece sweatpants

Snow or ski pants


Wool sweater

Hooded sweatshirt

Wool blend socks

Warm gloves or mitts

Thin gloves


Woolen hat or toque

Warm, rubber-soled

Binoculars boots

Moisturizer & lip balm


Personal hygiene products

Hair dryer

Travel packing expert, Amiee Maxwell writes about outdoor travel gear at Travel Gear Blog, part of the BootsnAll Travel Network. If anyone knows how to pack for the ultimate travels around the world, then it is the writers at Travel Gear Blog.

She explains: "The best packing advice I've ever received is to lay out everything you think you are going to need on your trip and then take half. The first time I traveled internationally I had an enormous 80 liter pack and swear that I spent more time packing and unpacking that backpack than seeing Europe's famed sights. Now I can easily travel with just a 35-liter pack.

"Choose ultra-light and quick drying clothes that can easily be washed and dry over night like Ex Officio and Scottevest travel apparel. Make sure everything in your pack can serve multiple purposes like Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 soap and a sarong that can be used as a blanket, head wrap, or skirt. Also consider packing a netbook or iPad to stay connected on the road rather than a full-sized laptop. Trust me, the lighter you go the happier you will be."


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