Imperial Majesty cruises

Imperial Majesty cruises

Imperial Majesty cruises began work as a cruise liner mainly offering budget cruises in 1999. As one of many cruise liner companies that launched in recent years, especially the similarly budget and cut-price ones, Imperial Majesty cruises struggled to gain any degree of success along the lines of similar cruise liners who have had a lot of success and the ability to launch a lot of new ships. However, Imperial Majesty cruises was always going to be walking a tightrope.

The first ship that they purchased was a ship built in 1955, the SS Ocean Breeze. It was clear that their intention was to renovate an old ship and make it new again after all, cruise ships can have a very long life. But the SS Ocean Breeze wasn't long for this world and it had to be replaced by an even older ship, the MS Regal Empress. This too though was doomed and had to be replaced by a more modern ship.

The Regal Empress was scrapped. It seems that despite the replacement of this ship that the cruises will not continue as the website has not been updated and there has not been an announcement regarding exactly Imperial Majesty cruises will ever operate again. So what happened? It seems that the cruise market simply became too crowded to sustain another old ship. With so many ships and cruise lines to choose from it seems that Imperial Majesty cruises were unable to compete sufficiently with modern competitors with their brand new ships and extra features like climbing walls and the advanced wave machines that exist on some ships.

The Imperial Majesty cruises only operated two or three day cruises so they'd really have to get passenger turned around quickly. There would be little chance for passengers to even enjoy themselves, to create a number of weeks of memories or perhaps even enjoy themselves. Rather than focusing on a thousand passengers at a time for perhaps 15 chartered voyages each year, the crew would have been forced to deal with thousands of people every week. I assume that this just wasn't a level of service that customers were willing to deal with. But I'm surprised that there wasn't room for an operator who could offer something cheap and cheerful, a service that offers those who are unfamiliar with cruises the chance to experience the life without having to really pay for it on a luxury five-star cruise.