10 best cruise ships

10 best cruise ships

Perhaps the world's finest cruise ship in the world is the one that is operated by Windstar cruises. This boat doesn't look like a traditional cruise ship. In fact, it is a ship that operates in an entirely different way.

The first thing that you'll notice when you look at it is the huge sails on top of this boat. You'll notice very quickly that this quite simply is not a traditional sail boat. It is also a fairly small boat, which allows you to ensure that you are treated to the highest level of luxury

Most of the best cruise ships are the ones that are small the ones where you'll be able to have dinner with the captain, the ones where you are able to actually get to know your fellow passengers, rather than being on a cruise ship with the population of a small town where everyone is a stranger and few people become friends. Forget that experience, choose Windstar cruises for a real thrill, and it's no surprise that I put it at the top of my list of the 10 best cruise ships The second best of the 10 best cruise ships is the one operated by Polarstar cruises, the ship that they use for their cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica archipelagos is and old Norwegian ice-breaker. From that ship the Polar Star cruises are available to operate so much closer to the ice than any of their rivals and they are therefore able to bring their passengers even closer to the poles than any of their rivals

This means that the sights that they see will be even more impressive, and the chance of seeing incredible wildlife will be further increased. The boat also offer an open-bridge policy which allows you to be on the bridge, with the captain and the officers, from where you will have an excellent view of the surrounding. On the M/V Polar Star, the expedition ship used by Polar Star Expeditions, you'll find that it is uniquely set up to help you enjoy your stay

You'll also find that the boat has a whole fleet of rigid inflatable boats that can take you even closer to the action. My other recommendations for the 10 best cruise ships are the Royal Caribbean fleet. In the following order: Celebrity Xpedition, Sovereign, Zenith, Empress, Ocean Dream, Adventure of the Seas, Vision of the Seas, Voyager of the Seas.