Australia cruises

Australia cruises

Quite simply, Australia is one of the single best places to take a cruise in the whole world. Firstly, you've got the weather on your side. No matter what time of the year it is you can almost always be sure of some excellent weather

It doesn't matter if you're on the East Coast, cruising around the Indian Ocean, or if you're on the West Coast cruising around the Pacific, the weather is likely to be on your side. In fact, the weather is known to be so predictable around Queensland that it is commonly referred to as the Sunshine State by many people. There was a huge storm in Queensland at the end of the 2010, centring on a point just north of Brisbane. However, that was just because there was a lot of rain in a short amount of time

The sun came out quickly though, and everyone was soon back to normal. Australian cruises are no longer such exotic destinations, with dozens of cruise lines offering cruises that stop off at Australian ports. This is good for the potential passengers who are thinking about taking a cruise to Australia or to New Zealand because it means that they will be spoiled for choice and they won't have to go with one cruise line that has an absolute monopoly on things. Australian ports are also an excellent staging ground from which to begin a south Pacific adventure

Since there are so many flights to Australia you can be sure to get a cheap deal and the cruise liners know this, so they start many of their cruises in Australia. They then regularly go to the rest of the south Pacific's islands including New Zealand, Indonesia, Tahiti, and perhaps Fiji on the longer cruises. One its own though Australia offers enough for travellers

Most domestic cruises around Australia will travel between the country's south-west and eastern edges, most stop of at Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and a few smaller ports that you probably haven't heard of. At these ports, like in all of Australia, there are a lot of adventure activities that you can engage in, you can choose to make your holiday as much of an extreme adventure holiday as you like. Or you can choose to just relax on board. Don't forget that the Great Barrier Reef is not included on most itineraries, so you need to go independently.