Antarctica Cruises


Antarctica is quite simply one of the single best places to take a cruise to in the world. And an ever increasing number of cruise liners offer this possibility to people in the cruising game. If you really want to enjoy your Antarctica cruise then it's important that you go with a company which really knows their stuff and will be able to help you appreciate the full and complete beauty of the place. Some cruise liners will head to Antarctica without actually really knowing too much about the real workings of the great continent, simply looking from afar at the continent, perhaps anchoring for a day and allowing people to get a closer look on boats that can take them closer to the ice and to the icebergs that can be the size of islands in many cases

However, if you're really interested in taking a journey down to the Antarctica then you need to organize a voyage with a company which has the luck and intelligence to own a ship that doesn't have to stop when it starts to encounter ice. You need to book a cruise with a company that has a cruise-liner that has been repurposed from an ice-breaker. It's only on a cruise in a ship like this that you'll be able to smash through the ice and see exactly what Antarctica looks like from close up

Taking a cruise with something like Polar Star cruises will enable you to do this. Polar Star cruises takes cruises to both poles and are great because they own an old Norwegian ice breaker which has been converted into a luxury cruise ship that will provide everything that you need in order to get close to the ice. You'll also be able to get even closer if the crews decide to take passengers out on boats to get a really close look at the ice. On Antarctic cruises you'll be able to visit penguin colonies, and marvel at Antarctic mountains that have likely never been climbed. Not all cruises include an Antarctica landing day, as that's a very expensive thing to arrange and time-consuming for the crew but if you can afford it then you must do it

You should also take the opportunity, while you are in the Antarctic, around all this wonderful nature, to get a chance to learn a little about it. Most cruises provide expert lectures to help you unravel the continent's mystery.