Bermuda Cruises


For a lot of people in the world, Bermuda isn't the best thing to be related with cruise ships, and general tourists. Of course there are Bermuda shorts, which will be worn by hundreds of millions of people on beaches and cruises ships around the world everyday. So Bermuda has put its own stamp on the imagination of the world in that way but Bermuda is not best known for these shorts of course. There is something that is much more closely related to the tourist industry and the idea of sea travel than even Bermuda shorts.

This thing is of course the Bermuda triangle. This area of sea is somewhere that a surprising number of ships and planes have completely disappeared, almost always without trace. It's a surprising number of ships, and while the Bermuda Triangle has not 'fed' so recently it remains an interesting thing that likely lingers in the mind of those who are told it for the first time. But when you think about Bermuda your thoughts shouldn't suddenly be drawn to the idea of marine disasters that have occurred around the island chain over the last few centuries and perhaps even before that too.

No, when you think about Bermuda it's more important for you to think of it as a glorious tourist destination that you will not be disappointed by if you visit. The island that is owned by the United Kingdom really grew in the 20th century thanks to the island's location due east of North Carolina, only about 500 miles out. This distance meant that it was an excellent location where North American and British tourists could make a stop off on their journeys. It played an important role in the revolutionary war some people argue, but now you'll be more likely to see Americans and Brit argue whether it's the Bahamas or Bermuda that's the better cruise ship location.

On its side Bermuda has a huge number of islands: 181. The main island, while often referred to as Bermuda is actually called Main Island, a good piece of local knowledge to bear in mind if you want to seem like you're a frequent visitor. You should also note that the only source of water for Bermuda is rainfall, so remember to conserve water while on the island. You're lucky because it's actually cooler than the United States' equivalent place in the summer, and warmer in winter, so it's the ideal place to head to.