Budget cruises

Budget cruises

Budget cruises are my personal tip for the best type of cruise that you can take. If you're new to cruising then they are absolutely ideal. It's the time when you are able to really understand what cruising is all about, a time to see what the cruising lifestyle involves, and to see if it's something that you might enjoy doing again and again. On budget cruises you might not get gourmet food every night, and your certainly won't get as much free champagne as you drink.

But this is done for a good reason. That champagne was never really free after all. The champagne was paid for as part of the price of a luxury cruise. Budget cruises don't only give you half a bed, and they definitely don't only give you one meal a day.

Instead, they cut out much of the more extravagant aspects of cruising in order to make the whole experience cheaper for everyone. You may also be surprised that it's not just the people who can't afford it and the first timers who choose to take budget cruises, but also the people who are veterans at the cruises. Once they've been on a few six-star luxury cruises they may have realized that the food is simply too rich for them and that the service, while good, is just too good. After all, most people simply don't have a need for personal butler service, free fresh towels everyday, or le cordon bleu cuisine.

For these people budget cruises offer a way for them to spend even longer each year cruising. For example, rather than spending a month above a super-high luxury ship that looks after their every whim they can instead take perhaps four months on a more budget cruise that offers them a little less in terms of the luxury but actually gives them everything they need and more. And they are then able, when aboard budget cruises, to spend even more time cruising and checking some fantastic locations many times of the year rather than just once in their lifetime. Budget cruises cut their prices in a number of ways.

You should mainly expect the food to not be so luxury with the buffet the main method of serving food â€" serving yourself. You should also expect that there will fewer people working on each boat and fewer activities on board. For people who want a relaxing holiday, this is not a problem.