Norwegian cruise tours

Norwegian cruise Norwegian cruise tours

If there's any one country in the whole of the world that might just have a maritime sensibility in their flood then some would say it's the Norwegians. But if there's one country in the whole of the world that has cruising in its blood, then you've simply got to agree that it's the Norwegians. On Norwegian cruise tours, which have been operating in some cases for more than one hundred years you'll see some truly incredible sights.

Firstly, the Norwegian cruise tours are among the most professional in the whole world. While other nations are known for having excellent customer service ability, Norwegians really know their boats. They know how they work, they know how the run, and they know how to operate them fairly cheaply.

This is of course really good news for passengers who will get savings thanks to this knowledge. Secondly, Norway's coastline is perfect for cruising. In summer the weather is almost never offensively warm, just perfect for sitting out on deck and admiring the beautiful weather and atmosphere.

And even if you don't go in the summer then you get the benefit of potentially seeing Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights that light up the sky in some incredible colours, in the middle of the night, usually in the early winter time. Norwegian cruise tours are perhaps best known for the fjords. You've never seen anything like a fjord until you visit Norway. These incredible inlets of the oceans that jut deep into the Norwegian countryside, and are surrounded by steep rocks are like the European grand canyon, only there are absolutely dozens of them.

The mountain scenery is unlike anything else on earth though some people say that New Zealand, on the other side of the world completely, has something that comes close. But for the United States or European passenger, it should be Norway that you head to. Head on Norwegian cruise tours in the middle of summer and you'll be able to enjoy the land of the midnight sun this is great for cruisers who will be able to spend even more time up on deck admiring the landscape. It's a much better situation than that down in the Caribbean where it gets darks very early in the day so you simply are unable to enjoy so many daylight hours, and you must retreat inside the ship since there is little to see when you are out on deck in the dark.