Canada Cruises


Canada is not somewhere that you'd traditionally think about going on a cruise if you had the choice of the whole world and all its seas to choose from and thanks to the ever growing cruise industry you actually do in fact have your pick from all of the of seven seas. But there are a number of things that will surprise you about Canada and its excellent potential for cruises. Perhaps the most surprising things is exactly where Canada ranks of the list of the countries with the longest coastline in the world. You may perhaps assume that Russia tops the list, with Australia, the United States, Brazil, China, India and so on coming in close behind.

But it is in fact if you can believe it Canada that has by far the world's longest coastline. It in fact massively dwarfs Russia's coastline length. Take away Russia and it's almost ten times the length of the other competitors. Squashed up towards the top of every world map, you often simply can't appreciate just how big Canada is. And you probably can't quite appreciate how big its coastline is and exactly how many thousands of islands it has between its border with the United States and the North Pole.

So there are a lot of things that will surprise you about Canada. Firstly is the fact that it has more lakes than anywhere in the world so in Canada fresh water cruises are a reality as is swimming in crystal clear glacial waters. It's something you just can't do anywhere else in the world when you combine it with a cruise ship holiday.

So it's no wonder that so many people are taking cruise ship holidays to Canada and perhaps the cruise industry can be encouraged to expand to include the great lakes in their trips a little more often than they currently do. You're right to think of Canada as a cold place. But during the summer months, there are many places that in fact enjoy a very excessive heat, so you shouldn't think that you need to pack your winter clothes if you're going for a summer cruise. And with that misconception about Canada's weather you can be assured that if you take a cruise in Canadian waters then you are quite likely to find cheap deals because many people prefer somewhere that they know to be hot.