Greece cruises

Greece cruises

Greece is one of the very best places in the world to see by boat and ship. The heart of the country in Athens is the most popular tourist destination in the country and it's no wonder with the fantastically preserved ancient wonders that still exist there, and the wonderful history of philosophical and science that sprouted there in the years before the Romans took control of Europe. On Greece cruises you'll be certain to either start or finish your trip in Athens. So either just before you take the cruise, or perhaps just after, you should be sure to take a quick shore-excursion around the city.

While it has been gripped by protests in recent years and crippled by the need to bailout the whole of the economy, everything is perfect for tourists. The protests made Greece less of a desirable place to visit even though the protests were confined to one small part of one of Greece's cities, and hardly effected its tourist infrastructure at all. It also works in your benefit because when the economy failed, everything would have been made cheaper in order to further attract people to start spending their money again. As a cruise passenger this is really good news for you as it means that you are able to use your money to buy more than in almost any other country that uses the Euro, other than perhaps Portugal.

But that's not the best thing about Greece cruises because there's something that money really can't buy which you can experience when you're in Greece. On Greece cruises you'll be able to thread through some of the maritime nation's many tiny islands. These islands are in my opinion so very much better than the Caribbean islands which are usually too built up and spoiled by all the tourism and attempts to make the islands appeal to tourists.

Greeks firstly know not to do this, and secondly they know that the islands are best left as undeveloped as possible. So visit places like Kos and the much smaller islands that don't even have names on shore-excursions on the cruise ships boats in order to have an island all to yourself for a few hours. That's not something that you can do on many other cruises, which makes the experience of Greece cruises all the more unique, and worth the small amount of money that they cost.