Windstar cruises

Windstar cruises

There are some cruise ships which are trying to really bring you the whole world. Some are trying to take you to a million destinations and never really knowing any of them.

Others are trying to give you the best possible service imaginable with a butler and incredible elegance and formality that brings back the idea now long gone regarding how wonderful cruises used to be. But some people actually don't want to visit hundreds of different ports and be taken around a port with thousands of others cruisers. And others actually want to relax while on board a cruise. They don't want formal elegance and service, they just want staff to be friendly and to be as responsive as possible in case there is a problem.

There seems to be a big disconnect between what customers want and what the company can provide. Windstar cruises is very different in this regard. Windstar cruises are able to provide something truly unique, and something that is the biggest in its class.

You'll also note this idea when it comes to the decision whether to go for the latest technological developments, or to choose something that is a little more reminiscent of the old glory days of cruising. Windstar cruises have torn apart the difference between these two different worlds. They burnt up the spectrum separating elegance from technology.

The first thing to note is that their ships are powered by computer. This may be worrying, but there's no need to worry because there's still a captain, this is just a clever auto pilot. The second thing is that this cruise ship has real sails! In fact, it's the biggest sailing yacht in the world. And it looks incredible.

Most cruise liners look the same but you've never seen anything like the Windstar cruises. While other boats look like cargo boats or cattle trucks that shift people around the world sprinkled with a bit of glitter, Windstar cruises just ooze elegance from the moment you look at them. And even better than being elegant is the fact that they are so small you'll get to know everyone on board if you want to. They have been called the world's most romantic cruise for good reason. It's an intimate cruise that allows you to really discover the places that you visit, and doesn't force you to become overwhelmed by the hordes of people on each boat.